13 Illustrations That Show Love Is Not Always as It Appears

Love is not all wine and roses. It is not always as sweet as it looks in the movies. Instead, it can be uncomfortable, lonely, or even blind.

We at Bright Side believe that it is better to be honest and accept the reality of our feelings. We would like to share with you the illustrations of Peruvian artist Rocío Diestra, and we’re certain that many of you will find some of these situations very familiar.

At least you tried. You have taken control of your life, and that is what matters.

Any resemblance to current reality?

Deep inside, we are all blinded by love.

There is no better exercise than hugging. It is like food for the soul.

That's the way it should be!

Happened to all of us.

The first is the best.

Couldn't be clearer.

I didn't like them either...until the right person gave them to me.

Does anyone want to ban this hideous phrase? Please?

And a very slow one.

Sometimes fiction seems more interesting than reality. Or is it better to live your life with a fictional enthusiasm?

Preview photo credit Rocío Diestra
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