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14 models by the masters of 3D origami which you can make yourself

3D origami is an art form where thousands of sheets of paper can be folded to create one sculpture. The folds can be either simple or striking, creating beautiful and complex pieces of art. It's hard to imagine, but such models are usually made without a single drop of glue.

Bright Side shares with you 14 masterpieces, because we're simply amazed with their creators' skills.

Photo frame

Here we can find a simple tutorial on creating this frame from modules.

A slice of watermelon

This video tutorial will help us to create this mouth-watering slice of watermelon.


If you like this juicy pineapple, click here and make your own fruit.


If you want to discover a magical world of modular origami, you can start with this dragonfly.


A creation scheme for this ripe strawberry lies here.


Here you can find out how to make this funny minion.

Click to know the secret.

When looking at this amazing firebird it's hard to believe that it's made from paper. Here's a detailed tutorial.


You like it? See the instruction to this lovely origami girl here.

Shaun the Sheep

Wonderful! Kids will surely like this cute sheep, and this scheme will help you make it.

Marvelous work! See the detailed master class on this link.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create this cutie.

Little bull

Want to have the same? Here you can find all the secrets.


Click for this wonderful cake's recipe.

Preview photo credit 3dorigamivideos/youtube/com
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