15 brilliant comic strips showing what adulthood is really like

Shenanigansen is a talented artist from Massachusetts who draws highly amusing images depicting the dilemmas of daily life and growing up. The central character, Shen, comes up against situations that are familiar to many of us, and his adventures are depicted with honesty and a healthy dose of irony.

We at Bright Side are constantly delighted with Shenanigansen’s work and decided to share some of it with you.

You can’t defeat what’s already been defeated.

Mornings aren’t always the best time of the day.

How to make friends as an adult.

There are various paths to happiness.

When someone tells you to take a break.

That’s the right way to eat!

Motivation can be a very cunning thing.

The Internet’s effect, summed up.

All adults know how to deal with anxiety.

Someone’s always ready to help.

So that’s where all my problems come from.

Every adult knows that capitalism can be a real test of their willpower.

Ah, not you again, Internet!

A story about life and self-esteem.

When you finally decide to sort out your life.

Preview photo credit Owlturd Comix
Based on materials from boredpanda, Owlturd Comix
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