16 Comics From Herluf Bidstrup, Who Understood This Crazy World Like No One Else

To our great surprise, we’ve realized that Bright Side has never yet written about the great Danish cartoonist Bidstrup! "How is that possible?" we thought and decided to rectify
the situation immediately.

Herluf Bidstrup had a gift for coming up with shrewd and witty everyday life stories which anyone, regardless of country and nationality, will find incredibly familiar. His works haven’t lost their relevance to this day, despite the fact that most of them were created in the 1940-50s.

Today we present you with a selection of some of our favorite comic strips by this brilliant artist!

The Mirror of the Soul


The Signs of Spring

The Future of Modernism

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Living Space

The Circle Is Complete

Modern Art

Time for Bed

The Four Temperaments

Discovering the World

Country House


Disturber of Peace

Anxious to Stand Out


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