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16 Sculptural Masterpieces You Can’t Stop Gazing at

Modern sculpture has moved away from the established rules and practices of classical sculpture. It has become more diverse, complex, and daring.

We at Bright Side put together a list of the most fantastic pieces of modern sculpture that will totally amaze you.

16. "Ecstacy," USA

This massive iron sculpture was created by Karen Cusolito. The sculptor believes that by depicting the human silhouette, one can accurately express the emotions, intentions, and problems of modern society.

15. A sculpture by Nicolas Lavarenne in the French village of Mougins

The contemporary self-taught sculptor Nicolas Lavarenne has become famous for his depictions of human figures balancing in the most unexpected places.

14. "The Remains of a Memory"

The digital art of Adam Martinakis is distinguished by technical perfection and deep philosophical thought. The works of this visual artist once again prove that art can take any form.

13. "Not Enough Brains to Survive," France

Lerooy’s most famous work is the monumental bronze figure ironically titled "Not Enough Brains to Survive."

12. "Saraband," Switzerland

“My sculptures are essentially an impressionistic rendering of the figure,“ says sculptor Philip Jackson. He is known for his unique style with a strong emphasis on ”body language."

11. "Digital Orca," Canada

Douglas Coupland is a representative of the pop-art movement in sculpture. Coupland believes that simple and vivid images are always attention-grabbing.

10. "Blind Alley," South Korea

The life-sized striking sculptures by 26-year-old artist Park Ki Pyung are a symbol of the internal struggle with one’s self.

9. "Another Place," England

This piece of modern sculpture by Antony Gormley is installed at Crosby Beach in Liverpool, England. 100 cast iron life-sized figures are spread along the shore staring at the horizon.

8. "Support," Italy

By installing this giant statue in Venice, Lorenzo Quinn hopes to draw people’s attention to the threat of climate change.

7. "The Owl Uhlu," Karoo

This is one of the most impressive sculptures of the African Burning Man of this year.

6. "Earth Angel"

Chad Knight places his 3D sculptures in incredibly realistic landscapes, blurring the delicate boundary between the digital world and real life.

5. "The Kelpies," Scotland

The Kelpies are Scottish mythological creatures possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses. They became the source of inspiration for figurative sculptor Andy Scott.

4. "The Awakening," Italy

"The Awakening" is a 70-foot statue of a giant attempting to free himself from the ground. It was created by John Seward Johnson II in 1980.

3. "Roots of Fire"

This is another remarkable work by Adam Martinakis which depicts the inner self of an individual.

2. "Coral," Australia

This beautiful and touching sculpture by Alessandra Rossi is camouflaged against the landscape thanks to 3 main colors that symbolize the earth, the sea, and the sky.

1. "The Pedestal"

Alexandra Reeves created this amazing digital sculpture when she was only 19. Here’s the video of the design process.

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