17 Illustrations by an Artist Who Had to Leave His Motherland to Draw the Truth

Modern artists often criticize our imperfect world in their works. Gunduz Agayev is one such artist, but his works are completely different.

Gunduz is not afraid of drawing the truth. He protested against the injustice in his motherland, Azerbaijan. But in 2014, he was under a lot of pressure from the government, so he was forced to leave the country. However, he didn’t stop doing what he does best: drawing very honest illustrations that give you a good dose of reality.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at the most powerful works by this talented artist.

Modern Human

The last Oasis

Miracle Travel

Political prisoners

He lost his head.

Virtual patriotism


Freedom of speech

Theory of evolution

Made in China


For the better future


Sweet dreams

Smile, we’ll become famous.

Flying cage

Homeland stone

Which of the works did you like the best? What feelings did it provoke? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Gunduz Aghayev, Gunduz Aghayev
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