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20+ Incredible Sculptures That Defy the Law of Gravity


We’ve all seen to the modern versions of Greek and Roman sculptures that are made of pale white marble. According to some studies, the original statues were painted in bright colors that have just worn away with time. Modern artists also make active use of all kinds of shades and hues along with various types of sculptural shapes and their arrangement in space.

Bright Side collected the most impressive sculptures from every corner of the world that literally defy all the laws of physics.

22. “Coffee Cup,” USA

21. “The Puppeteer,” UAE

20. “Monument to the Wind,” Chile

19. “A Bullet from a Shooting Star,” England

18. “Planet,” Singapore

17. “Skyhooks,” England

16. “Gymnast,” UAE

15. “Horizons,” New Zealand

14. “Suspended,” USA

13. “The Virgins of Apeldoorn,” Netherlands

12. “The Vaartkapoen,” Belgium

11. “Throw,” Germany

10. “The Travelers,” France

9. “Coffee Kiss,” Hong Kong

8. “Floating Stone,” Cairo

7. “Nasutamanus,” Austria

6. “Porscheplatz,” Germany

5. “The Force of Nature II,” Qatar

4. “Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together,” England

3. “Albedo,” USA

2. “The Ultimate Moving,” France

1. “Walkway to the Mainland,” New Zealand

Can you guess how each of these statues stays up? Share your views with us in the comments!

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