21 Adorable Cat Comics From a Russian Artist That Are Totally Accurate

Lingvistov is comprised of a team of creative people who love cats, art design, illustrations, cartoons, comics, memes, and brilliant English humor. Landysh (creator of the drawings) and friend, Asia graduated from a linguistics university and dreamed of spreading their knowledge and love of English to as many people as possible. After opening an English school, the guys realized they had way more to offer the world and decided to make Lingvistov Doodles. We're thankful for these illustrations because they really make our life better, sunnier and more special.

If you have a cat and think you've seen it all, it only means that your little fur ball let you believe so. Cat owners know that their furry friends can do whatever they want and will always get away with it because of how much we love these kitties. In fact, many of us consider them to be our very own kind of anti-depressant!

To make your day a little brighter, we at Bright Side have prepared the cutest and funniest collection of drawings that perfectly describe what it's like to have a cat. Enjoy these masterpieces and don't forget to feed your pet!

1. This is how it works!

2. Bathing is a real challenge for the both of you...

3. ...after which you need to be ready for war.

4. The feline species is incredibly graceful.

5. Sleeping with your cat be like:

6. ...because there's no other comfortable place to sit than on you.

7. Or because you were the one who took their bed away.

8. No one will fall asleep untill your cat does.

9. It's impossible to overcome your passion for cats' paws.

10. "I'd rather stand at the door and wait untill you open it. And won't come in."

11. Our love of cats causes us to forget about ourselves for a while.

12. Today, food alone is not enough for cats.

13. They motivate you to find a lover...

14. ...and are staying your #1 forever.

15. Cats are our best psychologists.

16. They can also help us study or work.

17. Cats helps us to dispose of trash.

18. Before you decide to cut you cat's hair, think about it.

19. Trying to spend some time with your cat like:

20. Once you've got a cat, you can't imagine your life without them.

21. And once you've earned their love, they will never let you down.

What was your favorite illustration among all this cuteness? Tell us in the comments about what was true for you and your fluffy ball of happiness!

Preview photo credit lingvistov / Instagram
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