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21 Elegant Tattoos That Break the Stereotypes About This Art

There are many brilliant tattoo artists around the world. For example, the works by the tattoo artist named Hongdam are made of tiny details and have attracted more than 200,000 followers. These airy drawings are a beautiful alternative to classic tattoos.

Bright Side collected delicate pictures that won’t be exhibited anywhere, but they give positive emotions to their owners every day.

The artist creates elegant drawings that change the traditional views on tattoo art. He also helps people to disguise their skin defects beautifully.

Some people want to have portraits of their cats; others want natural or fairy tale designs, including the famous Peter Pan.

Hongdam makes a lot of witty tattoos that raise not only their owners’ mood but also the mood of the attentive people around them.

Changeable Moon tattoos are very popular.

And, of course, traveling!

Preview photo credit Ilwolhongdam
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