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23 Mind-Boggling Sculptures That Are Hard to Forget

Chad Knight is a talented 3D artist who places his virtual sculptures in incredibly realistic landscapes. True art knows no boundaries, but it seems that there is still a slight touch of magic in every new piece of work.

We at Bright Side would like to introduce the fascinating world of this artist to you, and we hope that these amazingly creative sculptures will leave you inspired.

23. “Lasting Impression”

22. “Healing”

21. “Reconcile”

20. “Filter”

19. “Everything Is the Why”

18. “Come Back Soon”

17. “Twisted Empathy”

16. “Induction”

15. “Alchemy”

14. “Renewal”

13. “Idea”

12. “Forged”

11. “Float”

10. “Connective Propulsion”

9. “Retro Growth”

8. “Mindfulness”

7. “Release”

6. “Faith Without Works Is Dead”

5. “Flirting With Extinction”

4. “Bolt From the Blue”

3. “Shiny”

2. “Deception by Scale”

1. “Earth Angel”

What was your impression of these futuristic sculptures? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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