25 Phenomenal Pieces of Street Art That Give a Totally Different View of This World

Who was it that said that being a street artist isn't a serious profession? These guys know how to turn an ordinary brick wall into a door leading to another dimension. That kind of work doesn't go unnoticed and for good reason.

Here are 25 examples of truly outstanding street art from around the world that seemingly remove the border between the real world and the imaginary one.

Grenoble, France

Washington, USA

Bergen, Norway

San Pablo del Monte, Mexico

Esteli, Nicaragua

Anderlecht, Belgium

Los Angeles, USA



Lisbon, Portugal

Berlin, Germany


Montréal, Canada

St. Petersburg, Russia

California, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucerne, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Assago, Italy

Los Angeles, USA


Hsinchu, Taiwan

California, USA

Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico

Hamburg, Germany

Venice, Italy

Preview photo credit tetiroelcuento/twitter
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