21 Moving Tattoos That Make Our Childhood Memories Come Alive

Research has proven that people with tattoos are more likely to be aggressive and rebellious compared to those without any. But what about the people with tattoos that display their favorite characters from childhood cartoons? We have a feeling that a person with such a retro-cartoon tattoo is still a kid at heart!

Bright Side gathered the most creative tattoos that will definitely make you feel nostalgic for your chilhood. Let's travel back in time and remember the best moments of childhood!

21. Keep calm and let the monkeys remind you what childhood was like!

20. Childrens’ thoughts

19. We all loved dinosaurs while growing up!

18. Caution! This tattoo was inspired by Sailor Moon...

17. How many levels of Super Mario would you complete with this tattoo?

16. Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle?

15. Or maybe you preferred Krang?

14. This tattoo is charged with Pikachu's electricity and cuteness!

13. We all act like Goofy sometimes, don't we?

12. "Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase..."

11. One leg is for Chip, the other one is for Dale.

10. A cloud of smoke... and the Darkwing Duck tattoo appears!

9. Didn't you want to be a part of the Rugrats team when you were growing up?

8. If you can't decide whether you like cats or dogs more, get a Catdog tattoo!

7. This Cow and Chicken tattoo is dedicated to all siblings!

6. Inspector Gadget is always on duty, even if he's on your leg!

5. This Scrooge McDuck tattoo brings luck and wealth!

4. If anyone needs Lisa Simpson, she'll be right on your arm.

3. Didn't you wanna be smart like Dexter while growing up?

2. A tattoo on a person who has always wanted to be Arnold's best friend!

1. No need to go under the sea to see the SpongeBob Square Pants squad when they're right on your body.

If you were to get a tattoo featuring your favorite childhood cartoon character, what would it be? Or maybe you already have one? We can't wait to see your comments and pictures below!

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