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30+ Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Show Us What’s Going On With Modern Society

According to studies, we are destroying the planet at an unprecedented rate in every aspect of life. Artists like Steffan Kraft, Daniel Garcia, and John Holcroft target modern social situations in their work, such as climate change, technology, female inequality, and addiction to social media. Their thought-provoking illustrations carry an important message which can work as a call for action.

Bright Side selected 30+ illustrations that perfectly show how our society really works.

1. We’re destroying the oceans with plastic.

2. Online devices have become our companions.

3. We are focused on always having more and not caring if other people have nothing.

4. We are destroying nature and doing nothing about it.

5. Melting ice is destroying animal’s natural habitats.

6. The world is melting really fast.

7. We are nature’s biggest enemy.

8. We’re destroying animal’s homes.

9. Sea creatures should be afraid of us and not the opposite.

10. As we eat an ice cream, there’s ice melting in Antarctica.

11. UFOs could be around and we wouldn’t even notice.

12. The obligation to feel happy while being overworked

13. Our computer is our only window to the world.

14. Depression is the disease of the century.

15. For one person to become successful, others have to suffer.

16. The threat of high rent makes tourism, and our own luggage, seem like monsters.

17. The way parents deal with divorce influences their children’s development.

18. Fake news is everywhere, nothing can be trusted.

19. We still work with a gender pay gap.

20. Older generations are destroying the planet and want the youth to save it.

21. Cheap labor is behind successful fast fashion brands.

22. We are choosing the easiest ways to entertain our children, but not the best.

23. We have a sedentary lifestyle.

24. Children get addicted to devices at a very young age.

25. The fake vision of progression

26. Online identity theft is increasing.

27. Woman don’t progress as fast as their male colleagues.

28. We feel very disposable.

29. Children’s addiction to technology separates them from having quality time with their family.

30. Our addiction to social media hasn’t stopped increasing.

31. We prefer to pay attention to our phones, more than to our partner.

32. Men have more and bigger opportunities.

Which one these illustrations do you believe is most eye-opening?

Preview photo credit Daniel Garcia, Daniel Garcia