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30+ Winter Tattoos That Are Too Perfect Not to Fall in Love With

Soft snowy sidewalks, Christmas magic, mulled wine, fresh and frosty air... These are the things we love about winter! And some people believe it should last forever. As Mother Nature thinks in a different way, winter fans choose to leave a reminder of the white fairy-tale season on their bodies.

Bright Side found tattoos for people who are crazy about winter.

Winter vibes for the whole year!

All I want for a new tattoo!

“Dear Santa, here is a list of the tattoos I want this year.”

Christmas and movies — what a perfect combination!

May Christmas be with you.

Christmas tattoos. The Grinch edition.

Badass, yet creative

And here are some temporary winter decorations for those who are not huge fans of permanent tattoos:

Let it ink! Do you have any tattoos that remind you of your favorite holiday or season?

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