7 Fateful Pictures Whose Secrets Remain Unsolved

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with emotion just looking at a picture? It's not surprising, because an artist puts a piece of his or her own soul into it, and the bigger the genius, the more powerful the effect.

Bright Side has gathered a few "fateful" masterpieces that will inspire you with inexplicable awe.

The Isleworth Mona Lisa

Most of the Louvre's visitors only wish to see the legendary Mona Lisa. There are still numerous unsolved mysteries shrouding this painting, not least the Stendhal syndrome it is said to cause. This is the condition which makes people feel as though they're inside the picture, leading them to aggression or even suicide.

However, few people know that there is another version of La Gioconda - the Isleworth Mona Lisa that is believed to belong to Da Vinci's brush as well, although it had been painted years earlier. The picture was found in a private collection more than a century ago, and it's now exhibited in the Prado Museum, Madrid. Maybe one day it'll help find answers to the questions posed by Mona Lisa.

The Stagecraft

Artist Laura P. made this painting from a photograph taken by James Kidd - and he says there was no man to the left of the stagecraft at the time of the shot. He suddenly appeared during the development (the original photo is here).

The painting was afterward thought to be haunted - it always hung askew and seemingly caused unnatural disturbances in different places. In the end, it had to be burned.

The Crying Boy

Italian artist Bruno Amadio made 65 portraits of crying orphans that he sold to tourists after WWII. The most famous one is The Crying Boy, which has been officially recognized as "cursed" in several regions of England. Legend has it that the artist lit a match before the boy's eyes to make him cry, and, as of today, prints of this painting have been found in 50 fires across Britain.

The Rokeby Venus

Diego Velázquez's Rokeby Venus is a mystery in itself because of the old face of Venus in the mirror and the incorrect perspective. However, the painting has some mystic powers attributed to it as well. All of its owners were followed by disasters, and everyone tried to dispose of it. In the early 20th century, the picture found its way to the National Gallery of London, but in 1914 a British female rights activist hit it five times with a butcher's knife. After that, no more strange things happened to the Venus.

The Rain Woman

The Rain Woman, painted by Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets, is another very weird picture. The artist says she made it in just five hours, and all the while someone seemed to draw with her hand. All buyers returned it with complaints of insomnia, anxiety, and feelings of being watched.

The Portrait of Spanish General Bernardo de Gálvez

Hotel Galvez in Galveston, TX, is a place for those who love ghost stories. The Portrait of Spanish General Bernardo de Gálvez is painted so vividly that guests say it looks straight at them even when they walk away. And strangely, photos of it are always blotted or otherwise imperfect.

Moreover, there are even more mysterious rumors and legends of this hotel.

The Hands Resist Him

Bill Stoneham, the painting's creator, says he based it on his own childhood photograph. The doll is a guide to the dream world behind the door, but what dreams are those? There were several claims that the painting was cursed or haunted, stating that the kids on it were moving and fighting in the night, while the owners complained of headaches and anxiety in its presence. And yes, it's quite creepy...

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