A French Artist Shows What It’s Like to Be a Mom in Her Honest Yet Hilarious Illustrations

Parenting is probably the best and most difficult thing on Earth. Having a baby brings so much fun, happiness, and pain that sometimes you simply have to share it with the world. This is exactly what the French artist Nathalie Jomard did by drawing her illustrations full of sarcasm, frankness, and love.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these 25 pictures and find yourself...or simply enjoy if you're not a mom.

1. Only parents know what a challenge it is to make a child eat healthily...

2. ...especially if this rule doesn't apply to anyone else.

3. Oh, and who said you can't be jealous of your spouse?

4. Maternity gives you a new outlook on disasters.

5. You learn to find advantages in unexpected situations...

6. ...and understand that parental authority is a mythical creature.

7. Gothel's "Mother Knows Best" becomes your motto.

8. Planning becomes essential.

9. You learn to fight your fears...or try to.

10. Sometimes explaining things is a real struggle.

11. And it's even harder when you're full of emotions.

12. Sometimes you really need this. All the time in the first couple of years, to be honest.

13. Let's talk about pregnancy. First of all, it's about spending most of your money on clothes...

14. ...learning to be inventive...

15. ...to be ironic...

16. ...and to find creative solutions.

17. But the fun doesn't end there! What about a free boob job?

18. Breastfeeding your own piranha is a pleasure.

19. Multitasking is your everyday survival rule.

20. Saying "no" is virtually impossible.

21. As is staying alone. Even in the most intimate moments.

22. Now you know the whole world is a playground.

23. Going outside without makeup on is not the worst thing that could happen.

24. By the way, haven't we mentioned that children give the best gifts?

25. But, of course, the best thing is...

And what's your favorite thing about motherhood? Share your stories in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Nathalie Jomard / Blogspot
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