A Japanese Artist Draws Feelings Everyone Has Encountered at Least Once But Couldn’t Describe

Very little is known about the Japanese artist who calls himself avogado6. All we know is that he is very fond of chemistry and his profile photo is a portrait of the famous Italian scientist Avogadro. However, boring formulas are nowhere to be found in the works of this mysterious illustrator — only vivid pictures in which human feelings are shown in a very comprehensible manner. Many of these feelings are difficult to describe in words and that’s why the works of this artist are worth taking a look at. After all, how can you draw what you cannot say?

Bright Side has gathered 20 illustrations by the talented artist. Let’s take a look and share our impressions.

When you are trying to save what should stay in the past:

When your wings get tired of carrying you:


Sometimes you just want to spread like butter on bread.

Tired. Worn out.

Putting yourself together piece by piece:

Time has no mercy.

I’m completely fine!

Unbearable fragility

When you run out of power:

When you’re stuck:

When you lock your heart away:


Too many words.


My trauma and I:

When your eyes meet:

When you feel like your job is draining your life energy from you:

You feel happy and successful only when you’re online.

Education gap

Bonus: This picture shows that the artist is a chemist. Filtration in action:

Which picture did you like the most? Have you ever experienced similar feelings that were difficult to describe in words? We are very interested to know!

Preview photo credit avogado6 / twitter.com
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