A Painter Fulfills Requests From His Subscribers, Even Very Crazy Ones

Anatoliy Chilik is a young illustrator with a rich imagination, and he creates comics about different topics. But his bravest experiment is fulfilling his subscribers' requests. It seems there is no topic that Chilik is unable to draw, no matter how sophisticated his subscribers' fantasies are.

We at Bright Side unanimously appreciated the irony and accuracy of Anatoliy's works and chose the brightest of them for you.

"Draw a cat from inside so that people could understand that it is a cat."

"Draw a world without evil."

"Draw a walrus-unicorn."

"Draw chess pieces that play with humans."

"Draw a commercial of a music school for adults."

"Draw fighting cats."

"Draw the difference between getting an education in a big city and in a small town."

"Draw Eminem."

"Draw fire that is in love with underground water."

"Draw Italian loneliness."

"Draw a lake in the sky."

"Cat corporate party"

"Send me the last photo in your phone."

"When do we need to take the Christmas tree away?"

"Draw a checkered zebra."

Do you have any tricky ideas for his comics? Share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Chilik
Based on materials from Chilik
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