A Spanish Artist Reimagines Cartoon Characters in a Realistic Style

Tatiana (or Tati Moons) is a 19-year-old digital artist from Spain. Tatiana doesn't remember when she started to paint but remembers as a child she liked to draw the Bratz dolls, Disney princesses, and other beloved characters. Around July 2017, creating these illustrations became an everyday activity for her. When asked what her inspiration was, she said, "Every little thing! As I said above, I am always keeping my mind with creative content, stuff such as music, videogames, websites where I can see art or designs."

Bright Side invites you to look at these drawings of our favorite characters from childhood who have become grown-ups just like we have.

1. Shego, Kim Possible

2. Kim Possible, Kim Possible

3. Boo, Monsters, Inc.

4. Marceline, Adventure Time

5. Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time

6. Flame Princess, Adventure Time

7.Vanellope Von Schweetz, Wreck-it Ralph

8. Violet, The Incredibles

9. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

10. Elsa, Frozen

11. Coraline, Coraline

12. Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

13. Blisstina, The Powerpuff Girls

14. Bubbles, The Powerpuff Girls

15. Buttercup, The Powerpuff Girls

16. Blossom, The Powerpuff Girls

17. Snow White, Snow White

18. Sabrina, Sabrina: The Animated Series

19. Gretchen, Recess

20. Spinelli, Recess

21. Draculaura, Monster High

Which of these characters did you like the most? Did you imagine all these characters looking like this all grown up? Share your opinions in the comments!

Preview photo credit Tati Moons/Instagram
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