An Artist Draws Comics Showing That Things Don’t Always Go the Way We Want Them To

Manly is an electrical power engineer by education and a really talented artist by avocation. A desire to draw led this girl to start creating comics 7 years ago. She began with 2 comic releases in one year, and now her collection consists of about 80 illustrated stories.

These comics are about things that can happen to everyone or perhaps can’t happen at all. Illustrations from the Nothing Surprising series can’t be considered as uplifting, but the message is really noble. The author calls on us not to despair but to analyze everything from different angles and treat people and things a bit easier.

Bright Side shares some of Manly’s works with you.


There are definitely lots of things to think about and laugh at in our life. And Manly’s situations are perfectly reflected on paper. Did you like her art? Share your impressions in the comments!

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