An Artist Immerses Old Clothes in the Dead Sea, Transforming Them Into Something Magical

The creations of Sigalit Landau, an Israeli artist, adorn the best collections of modern art museums around the world. Her unusual approach allows us to look at regular things from a brand-new perspective.

We at Bright Side are inspired by Sigalit's unique works, and we would like to tell you more about them.

Sigalit immerses different objects in the Dead Sea for long periods of time. The salt crystals cover them with a thick layer, so they look completely transformed when back on land. The choice of object is very purposeful. The artist pays a lot of attention to the texture and surface of every single thing she is going to use.

Unusual sculptures of dresses, violins, bikes, shoes, fishing nets, and even watermelons, all inlaid with thick layers of salt, are captured on camera afterward.

"These items leave the kingdom of regular things and become pieces of art... They lose their old features and absorb new qualities with the purity of spirit," the artist says.

In her book Salt Years, Sigalit describes the process of creating her salt sculptures, which she has been working on for 15 years.

One of her latest works is called Salt Bride, and it is based on a black dress, which was made in the style of 19th-century fashions. With the help of special fasteners, it was mounted at the bottom of the Dead Sea for 3 months. To follow the crystallization process and take photos of it, the photographer had to carry an extra 150 lb.

The salt crystals worked on the transformation of the dress slowly but persistently. Look at the result! The gown turned into a snow-white wedding dress, almost seeming to be made of fluffy snow.

By the way, it wasn't that easy to raise the dress to the surface. The help of a whole team was needed.

Thousands of people can see this unique exhibit in different museums around the world.

Sigalit calls the process "baptism" because it completely changes the essence of things, transforming them into pieces of art.

What is your opinion on Sigalit Landau's creations? Would you like to visit one of her exhibitions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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