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An Artist Shows the Daily Struggles of a Sloth, and It’s Hard to Feel Indifferent About Them

The Japanese artist Keigo is a master at illustrating unusual things and puns that come to his mind. He posts his work on his Instagram account that has already gained more than 850,000 followers. One of his most outstanding series is dedicated to a sloth and the everyday hardships he has to go through in the human world. Turns out, it’s not that easy for a slow-moving animal to keep up with the pace of our human lives.

We at Bright Side are amazed at how precise and thoughtful the artist’s illustrations are and feel eager to share with you all the issues that sloths encounter in human life. Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself in his works as well!

1. Why do apples have so much peel?

2. “Hey, Slothy, I don’t think I need this stuff anymore.”

3. Kids grow so fast, don’t they?

4. And beards do too...

5. Bad art happens to good artists.

6. Wanna try some cake?

7. It’s lunch time!

8. It’s not just a lefty issue anymore...

9. Hey, doggie, can you stop for a minute?

10. It’s all about the aura color...

11. Why do you guys text me so often?

12. Your drink, sir! Are you ready to order something to eat?

13. Who is your idol today?

14. Can you give me a lift, please?

15. We’ll be there by the morning... No worries.

16. The fact that I’m not sweating doesn’t mean that I’m not in the game.

17. Run, Sloth, run!

18. One, two... row!

19. Happy birthday to you!

20. Wanna see a trick?

21. This ref needs glasses!

22. I’ve never been fond of ironing.

Which of these pics did you like the most? Can you think of the struggles other animals could have living in the human world? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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