An Italian Artist Shows How Crazy the Modern World Is and It Makes People Stop and Think

Marco Melgrati was born in Milan, Italy, but currently lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and he has been engaged in freelancing for 10 years. Marco makes trenchant illustrations of a subject that seems to be quite popular nowadays: the vices of modern society. Before rushing to conclusions and saying, "We’ve already seen it all!" take a look at Marco’s works. There is no gainsaying the originality of his pictures as well as their interesting presentation of ideas.

Bright Side is pleased to share with you 18 illustrations of the artist that don’t reinvent the wheel but sink deep into the mind and give real food for thought – and that is worth a lot.

The Zoo

Is capitalism inherently evil?

The Big Hunt

Weak Spot

Very Open Profiles

The Lovers

Dealing with a complicated relationship

Chemical happiness

Social media narcissism

Mobbing at work

Team Working

Holidays Are Coming

The Escape

Financial power and politics

The Original is Always Better!

Pay attention!

Politics and Lies

Aim High

Which picture touched you the most deeply? What do you think about the phenomena the artist tells us about? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit Marco Melgrati
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