5 awesome doll houses that can even tempt adults to play with them

As kids, many of us dreamed of a dollhouse with all the same attributes of a real dwelling: small dishes, tea cups, different foods, vases with flowers, kitchen cubbords, and so on. But as we grow up, our imagination starts to focus on other fantasies. But, sometimes even respectable adults can succumb to the dream of playing with a dollhouse.

Bright Side staff invites you to explore the amazing world of miniature homes from different parts of the world.

A Handmade Hobbit Hole

Being a fan of the famous trilogy ’The Lord of the Rings,’ Maddie Chambers wanted a hobbit hole so badly that she made one herself. When Chambers got the assignment to make a toy as part of college course, she decided to turn her dream into a reality. As Maddie had to look after her twin sons, so it took her a whole year to make the tiny hobbit hole ’fit for living.’ The unusual dwelling is a perfect replica of Bag End, and it is highly detailed and beautifully furnished; you can see a bunch of minuscule keys, marvel at a photo of Bilbo’s aunt, or admire the petroleum lamp he used to read Elven books. What impresses us the most is the lumber room full of tiny jam pots.

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

The inhabitants of Windsor Castle possess one of the most breath-taking dollhouses in the world. It looks just like a palace. It has 40 rooms, electric lighting, a cooker, a garage fit for several cars, and hot and cold water supply. It is worth mentioning that all of these miniature items really work. Queen Mary received the exquisite dollhouse as a gift from her husband inspired by the Queen’s cousin. This classic mansion is perfection starting from the wine cellar and ending with tiny books in the library (you can even read them!).

Though the library is small, the number of books it contains is astonishing.

A Traditional Japanese Dwelling

The previous dollhouses were extremely unique, and for this reason, they’re beyond the reach of ordinary people. However, this Japanese-style house can be bought by anyone who wants one through an e-commerce platform.

Inside, you will find traditional Japanese clothing, interior design items, and even sushi. Looks yummy.

An Eco-friendly House

If people understood the importance of protecting the environment, they should teach their children the same. This idea seems to inspire manufacturers of the modern ’eco-friendly’ dollhouse. Beautiful and amusing, this dwelling is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines. Children playing with it will certainly remember that protecting the environment is the right thing to do.

Such houses may have different designs, but all of them look gorgeous.

Frida Kahlo’s Studio

This wonderful dollhouse was made by Elsa Mora from California. The woman wanted to tell her daughter about the great Mexican artist in an entertaining manner. The tiny studio is filled with copies of real paintings and Frida herself.

Based on materials from lifehack
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