These Pictures Will Deceive Your Eyes

Emanuele Dascanio is truly a master of his art. The Italian artist's work is so full of emotion, spirit, and energy that it will leave you wondering 'how can this not be real?'

It's easy to see why these amazingly lifelike creations take several hundreds of hours to be completed. Emanuele does oil paintings and drawings with charcoal and graphite using techniques from the Renaissance masters. His technique and style are a unique product of his studies at art school, his teacher Gianluca Corona, and his personal growth as an artist seeking improvement and perfection!

Bright Side gives you a small selection of the artist's work, which will definitely impress you...


Another astonishing artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates incredibly photorealistic portraits of swimmers. Now that's talent! What an amazing illusion of reality, what a refined way of conveying the three-dimensional nature of space, light, and the fullness of the world!

Preview photo credit Gustavo Silva Nuñez
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