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Marco Melgrati Creates Truthful Illustrations That Speak Louder Than Words

Italian illustrator, Marco Melgrati, is a real-life truth teller. He is able to see the essence of social problems today and dress them up in the garb of irony.

In his Instagram account, Marco publishes works that are inspired by our everyday life. Some of them are just reflections of current events while others are sad realities as old as time.

Bright Side is inspired by the illustrator’s foresight and unusual way of seeing life. What do you think about his work?

2017 was a year of dirty revelations.

The hashtag net.

An addiction to smartphones.

Bitcoin mania.

Old school.

The disproportion between price and service.

Social media communication can’t replace real human contact.

Aim high!

A fight for free Wi-Fi.

Naked philosophers.

Learn to forget.

Global warming.

A thin line between life and art.

Open profiles.

What if there were zoos like this?

Social media narcissism.

Love your enemies.

Which illustration reflects our world most accurately? Did you notice any hidden meanings in the illustrator’s work? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Marco Melgrati, Marco Melgrati
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