Ten good reasons why we should hug each other more often

As it turns out, not only does hugging feel good, it also has many positive effects on our mind and body. This phenomenon has long been studied and proven by scientists.

Today, Bright Side wants to remind you exactly what makes hugging such a beneficial pastime!

Hugs that last 20 seconds or longer have a therapeutic effect which positively affects our body and helps us fight diseases.

Hugs convey support and empathy. This makes us feel loved and helps us suppress the desire to fill the emotional emptiness with tasty but unhealthy food.

By reducing stress levels and combating inflammatory processes, hugging makes the natural aging mechanisms in our body run at a slower pace.

Hugging improves our mood and helps us recharge our batteries for a fruitful and hard-working day.

Charged with positive energy, our bodies and minds are sure to overcome any difficulties and find a way out of the most trying situations.

Embraces cause our bodies to actively secrete the hormone oxytocin, which fills us with a sense of joy and helps to strengthen the emotional bonding between partners or family members.

Hugging not only reduces the synthesis of the stress hormone cortisol, but it also increases the secretion of serotonin, which is associated with good moods and a sense of happiness. All of this serves to calm our nervous system and improve our overall emotional state.

The act of embracing has a tranquilizing influence on both our heart and nervous system. By hugging each other, we cause our nerves to relax, ridding ourselves of accumulated stress and tension.

Hugging makes us feel safe. It causes us to be less susceptible to fears and insecurities. Such a reaction is part of our instincts — it helps us on the subconscious level, providing support in facing life’s various difficulties.

Hugging is a universal way to express care, love, and support for your loved ones, no matter which language you speak!

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