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The 22 Best Acts of Vandalism That Will Make Your Day

There are always two ways of doing anything: you can either give it your all, or slack off. The author’s attitude will always be reflected in the final result. Street art is no different in this respect: some works won’t catch anyone’s eye, whilst others will become true masterpieces that cleverly interact with their surroundings.

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of street art. And today we’d like to share with you a new selection of our favorite pieces.

When it’s the year of the rat

The most expensive exhibit

Ant-Man is real!

An octopus wants to fight

Hug me, bro!

The bloodstream of streets

When Popeye eats spinach...

Fantastic beasts

The flower lady

Historical market district

Author: Radosław Barek

Among the glaciers of North America

Girl in Naples

It’s realism, baby!

Making streets bright

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Secret location

Feel the freshness

Love song

Girl with tattoo

Love of nature

Fence art

A piece of nature in town

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