This amazing makeup artist can transform herself into anyone

What is the connection between Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis and Queen Elizabeth II? Lucia can transform herself into Her Majesty using the power of makeup!

Bright Side saw many astonishing transformations of Lucia into famous people on her Instagram page @lucia_pittalis. Her work can’t be compared with simple greasepaint: she is a talented artist who uses her face as a canvas. She is also an actress who can masterfully convey people’s emotions.

Queen Elizabeth II

Al Pacino (Scarface)

Iggy Pop

Vito Corleone

A Blues Brother



Jessica Fletcher

Bette Davis

Hulk Hogan

You can compare Lucia as Jack Sparrow with Captain Jack from the movie.

And finally, something new. Can you recognize these characters?

Preview photo credit Lucia Pittalis
Based on materials from Lucia Pittalis
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