20 Books That Can Help You Learn New Skills in Just One Month

People learn throughout their entire lives. Sometimes it's because of how fast technological progress is, and sometimes it's just because of our own needs. But everyone wants to acquire new skills as quickly as possible.

We at Bright Side have made a list of books that will help you learn something new in only 30 days.


Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Peter J. Patsula
This book was written for those people who want to have their own business. But it can also be useful for managers who are planning to develop a new direction. Patsula developed well-detailed instructions. It will help you make a decent business plan in just 30 days.

Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies

Rhonda Abrams
With this book, Abrams helps beginner businessmen create a useful business plan instead of just a piece of paper for investors. According to her opinion, a business plan is a roadmap that leads the way to success. So it's something that should be created wisely.


The Body Language of Liars

Lillian Glass
The ability to determine whether a person is lying or not would be a great superpower to have. But in fact, anyone can have it. Lillian Glass, a body language expert, shares a simple approach, which she uses herself to detect lies of any level. It's good for both "white lies" and lies that can affect your entire life.

Telling Lies

Paul Ekman
Paul Ekman is an American psychologist known around the world. In his book, he teaches you to notice the small details that other people don't see. They can help you detect both small and big lies.


Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language

Richard M. Roberts, Roger J. Kreuz
The authors of the book are cognitive scientists. They have gathered all their scientific experience to help adults learn a foreign language. Kreuz and Roberts tell how to develop a habit to learn stuff, why you should never cram the material, and how not to become a language zombie who uses only prepared phrases.


No Plot? No Problem! High-velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

Chris Baty
If you think that it takes a year to write a novel, then this book is for you! Baty organized the National Novel Writing Month, which helps thousands of participants to try to write their first book in just one month. This book may help you if you're interested in writing.


The Power of Forgetting: Six Essential Skills to Clear Out Brain Clutter and Become the Sharpest, Smartest You

Mike Byster, Kristin Loberg
A writer and a mathematician have teamed up to write this book. They made a great guide for people who want to discover their full potential. This book is not only about memory but also about becoming more effective at everything that you do. The authors provide you with a learning strategy and exercises that will help you get used to this way of thinking.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading

Peter Kump
Who doesn't want to read their favorite books faster and still be able to memorize all the important information from them? Rapid reading is a good solution. In his book, Kump writes about the theories which are taught at the best rapid-reading courses. He also offers the readers some of his unique methods.


You Can Draw in 30 Days

Mark Kistler
The author promises that if you spend 20 minutes a day for one month, he won't make you a talented artist, but at least a person who draws quite well. This is because drawing is a skill that is easy to learn and not an innate talent.

Successful Drawing

Andrew Loomis
The author of this book is a professional artist who spent many years learning different methods of drawing in search of the simplest one among them. In the end, he found it. In this book, Loomis describes the easiest way to learn to draw.


A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science

Barbara Oakley
People are not born mathematicians. And Oakley, who has a Ph.D. in Mathematics, proves that every person can change the usual way of thinking and learn to use the skills that scientists use every day.

Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques

Michael Michalko
Creative thinking is not an innate feature. In his book, Michael Michalko, a leading expert in creativity, has collected and systemized some strategies that help to think creatively. Techniques, exercises, and some very difficult riddles will let you take your first steps to creative thinking.


The Rules of Life: A personal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind of life

Richard Templar
Templar promises you'll discover 100 ways of achieving more with less effort. Do you want to become the type of person who has enough time to do anything and who can stay relaxed all the time? Then you definitely need to read this book.

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

Laura Vanderkam
In her book, Vanderkam tells about ways to not waste your precious time. We have only 24 hours, but just a few of us really use the full potential of this time. Follow the author's recommendations and you will understand that you actually have much more time and more opportunities than you think.


52 Small Changes for the Mind

Brett Blumenthal
Blumenthal offers instructions that can easily change your whole life. The author is convinced that every big change is caused by small steps that need to be made. And the popular strategy "all or nothing" often leads to failure. This book will help you make those small changes.

The Rules of Work: A definitive code for personal success

Richard Templar
Templar wrote a book for people who don't want to take any chances. For them, it's very important to achieve goals with simple rules. More than that, the author made some basic principles which will let you win other people's trust and be attractive to others.


The Magic of Math

Arthur Benjamin
If you want to show everyone how good you are at remembering big numbers and making huge calculations in just seconds, this is the right book for you. The authors will tell how to learn to do this fast and even start to enjoy mathematics.

Speed Mathematics

Bill Handley
Handley offers his readers a simple method which will help you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and find square roots within seconds. The author says that this book is suitable for all sorts of readers around the world.


Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy

Gordon Ramsay
This famous British chef collected the simplest recipes of fantastic meals in one book. He is convinced that even a beginner can prepare these meals. This is because Ramsay changed the recipes a little to make them simpler.

Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone Can Learn to Cook in 24 Hours

Jamie Oliver
With this book, Oliver decided to prove that anyone can learn to cook. He collected the most popular recipes and included illustrations to avoid any misunderstanding. The famous chef is absolutely sure that it's necessary to know only a few techniques and a couple of key recipes to save a lot of money and time.

Which of these books do you think will be the most useful to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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