10 Crazy Food Flavors From Around the World That Left Our Jaws Dropped

Famous chip companies, soda, and candy manufacturers are constantly trying to surprise us with new tastes and they often base their new inventions on the food preferences of people living in different countries.

We at Bright Side would definitely like to try these unusual flavors of popular foods and drinks.

10. “Swedish fish” Oreos

Obviously, there isn’t any fish in this limited series of cookies. “Swedish fish” is a candy that boasts a flavor of wine and cherry and they’re fish-shaped. People from Sweden really like them. It seems like a good taste but many people didn’t really like the Oreos version since they had a weird aftertaste.

9. Pepsi’s “white cola”

The limited white-colored Pepsi was sold in Japan and had virtually the same taste as the original Pepsi (but with a slight citrus flavor). We’re sure that this drink would be a hit in any other country in the world.

8. Lay’s with lemon flavor

This company often experiments with their products and even organizes votes so that consumers can choose the next flavor. One of the most unusual flavors was chips with lemon. The company did a great job at creating chips that were so sour, they really tasted like lemon pieces. You can buy them in the US and in some other countries nearby.

7. Kit Kats with green tea flavor

Kit Kat chocolate bars are really popular in Japan, especially among students during exams: the name sounds similar to the Japanese expression, “kitto katsu” (which translates to “win no matter what”). In fact, there are a lot of weird and unusual flavors in Japan including chocolate with sake, wasabi, red beans, and other flavors. Of course, not everyone will like green tea-flavored chocolate.

6. Sprite with cucumber flavor

This limited series of the popular drink was created mainly for Russia, and it got a lot of attention: the drink tasted and smelled like fresh cucumber! It seemed as if someone just cut fresh cucumbers right into the soda. Well, maybe someone liked this flavor.

5. Pringles with salt and vinegar flavor

Everyone’s probably tried salt-flavored chips but has anyone tried salt and vinegar-flavored chips? According to some people, the taste is actually a little bit too extreme and sour, but many consumers like it. You can buy these chips in the US and in some European countries.

4. Fanta with elderberry flavor

Originally, this flavor was designed for the local market, specifically in Romania. Shokata is the local traditional drink made of elderberry and it was the inspiration for the flavor. The flavor was such a hit that the company started selling it in Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania.

3. Tic Tacs with popcorn flavor

Tic Tac manufacturers also like surprising their customers with new flavors. For example, many people really like cinnamon-flavored Tic Tacs. Now, in some European supermarkets, you can buy popcorn-flavored Tic Tacs. Unfortunately, many people agree that this was an unsuccessful experiment and the flavor is not very good.

2. Bacon-flavored soda

Obviously, this unusual soda comes from the US. But despite the fact that not everyone likes this flavor, several companies produce it. People who’ve tried this drink claim that the taste is really weird and say it’s as if someone just mixed bacon with sweet mineral water.

1. Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos

This product is a collaboration between 2 companies: Mountain Dew and Cheetos. The chips really taste like Mountain Dew. You can find them in Japan, a country famous for strange flavors.

Bonus: Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

This blended drink is special not because of its taste but because of how it looks. The multi-colored frappuccino was so popular that Starbucks employees were exhausted because of the demand. Fortunately for them, the drink was only on the menu for several weeks in several countries: the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Which of these foods would you most like to try?

Preview photo credit Fritolay, depositphotos.com
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