10 Guilty Pleasure Foods You Can Replace With Healthy Products Without Sacrificing Great Taste

Following a healthy diet can be hard, especially when you know how delicious junk food is. Unhealthy food surrounds us everywhere we go and it can be almost impossible to resist. While a lot of these foods are bad for you, it doesn't mean you can never enjoy those flavors again. You can satisfy your food cravings by replacing food rich in calories with healthy substitutes.

Bright Side has found 10 harmless junk food alternatives that you can try in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Replace pasta with sweet potato noodles

If you love pasta but you also want to stay in good shape, you may want to consider buying a spiralizer. A spiralizer is one of those must-have devices for people who want to add more veggies to their meals. It works best with cylinder-shaped vegetables like potatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. Such noodles can be used to replace heavy wheat noodles to make the dish less caloric.

One recipe you may want to try is made of sweet potato "noodles" covered with roasted artichokes and chicken. The low calorie count in this dish will have you feeling guilt-free while eating a bowl full of pasta.

2. Replace pizza dough with cauliflower crust

Pizza is a favorite when it comes to consuming junk foods. But there are plenty of recipes with healthier ingredients that are just as easy and cheap to cook. In order to make this yummy food less caloric, you can use crust made of cauliflower to ease up on the extra carbs.

Another great advantage to using cauliflower crust is that it's a great option for those who are gluten free. We recommend you try this pizza supreme recipe, proving once and for all that healthy food can be tasty too.

3. Replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower

We all love mashed potatoes, but it's usually cooked with a lot of milk and butter which results in a big calorie bomb. If you're looking for a way to lighten up this dish you may want to consider an alternative ingredient like mashed cauliflower. This is a great option thanks to cauliflower's awesome health benefits.

In order to get the creamiest mashed cauliflower possible, you may want to use a pre-packed riced version of the vegetable. It will cook faster because you can purée it without any extra prep work. A great recipe for this side dish can be found here.

4. Replace butter, mayonnaise, and oil with greek yogurt

Many recipes include fattening ingredients like butter and oil to help make meals extra tasty. But these ingredients are also known to be packed with saturated fat. Frequent consumption of these products can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

If you are looking for a healthier option, you can try using Greek yogurt instead. It can be put in many recipes, acting as a healthier alternative to oil, butter and mayonnaise. It's also really great for your health because of the fact that it's loaded with probiotics.

5. Replace French fries with sweet potato fries

French fries are one of the most desirable junk foods around. If you are afraid of gaining weight but still want to enjoy this delicious taste, try cooking its healthier alternative at home. Potato fries are very easy and quick to make. The unhealthy thing about French fries isn't necessarily the potato, but instead it's the way they are usually cooked in the deep-fryer. You can try using an oven to bake potato fries in coconut oil instead.

If you want to enjoy some crispy fries while still getting health benefits, try using sweet potatoes instead of common white or yellow ones. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins like A, B6, B5, and other nutrients like niacin and riboflavin. Try this great recipe to enjoy this super healthy snack.

You can attempt to cook carrot fries and baked zucchini fries as well!

6. Replace pancake batter with eggs and bananas

Who said you can't treat yourself to pancakes for breakfast? We want to share an easy pancake recipe with you that consists of only two ingredients: banana and egg. You can also add coconut oil to the pan if you'd like. To boost the flavor, you can use a pinch of sea salt or vanilla extract. You don't need to add sugar though, because the bananas will bring sweetness to your favorite morning dessert.

A great benefit to this recipe is that it's gluten-free and dairy-free. Even so, you won't believe how good these pancakes taste.

7. Replace potato chips with kale chips

It's pretty well-known that potato chips aren't very good for you. But we all know what it's like to snag a bag of them on a quick trip to the supermarket. Instead of feeling guilty after eating greasy chips, try eating kale chips instead. You'll be surprised to find that they taste pretty good.

Kale is a great alternative to your favorite snack because it is as nutritious as it is yummy. It's packed with antioxidants and vitamins B. Try this recipe and enjoy low-carb chips that you could eat all day, every day.

8. Replace ice cream with fruit ice pops

Sometimes it can be hard not to treat yourself to some delicious ice cream - especially on hot summer days. Next time, try saving yourself from the heat with cold desserts that are healthier for you. One of these healthy options is a fruit ice pop.

In this recipe, we suggest combining different fruit syrups to make it tastier. But if you are looking for a richer option, you can add yogurt.

9. Replace soda with kombucha

Surely it's healthy to drink water, but if you're a soda lover, it's difficult to make that transition. There is a drink that exists to help make this dietary change a little easier. It's called, Kombucha and it's getting more and more popular as a sweet drink alternative.

It is a bubbly, fermented tea with a taste that can satisfy any soda craving. Moreover, it comes with health benefits like the detoxification of your organs. It also contains a small amount of organic sugar.

10. Replace cake with carrot cake

Most of the cakes we've seen in supermarkets are overly sweet and high in calories. But you may not be aware of the fact that you can still enjoy these treats even when you're on a healthy diet. We've found a delicious recipe for carrot cake and creamy frosting that is still incredibly appealing.

It doesn't contain sugar, butter and white flour, and is instead naturally sweetened. Plus it's super easy to cook. Trust us, you'll definitely want to try it.

If you're thinking of stopping the consumption of junk food, consider implementing these healthier swaps into your favorite dishes. It will satisfy your food cravings without the possibility of gaining extra weight. Trying these recipes you'll find out that you can still enjoy your finger-licking delicacies while staying healthy at the same time.

Have you tried any of these recipes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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