11 Bizarre Innovations That Totally Rocked the Food Industry

When food meets technology, something magical happens. And we're not even talking about GMO foods. Sometimes it's so simple and obvious that you can make it yourself, and sometimes it requires years of scientific research to invent something like a new type of chocolate. Bright Side has chosen the most unbelievable innovations in the food industry. So forget about the diet, and try something new this festive season.

Geometric desserts

Although it looks like fancy glass decor, this is actually a real cake created by genius Dinara Kasko. She has a degree in architecture but found her true passion in making pastry. Her education combined with her talent results in amazing geometric desserts. And the best part is that she also sells silicone molds for the cakes on her website, so you can always try to impress your friends with a culinary masterpiece.

Ice cream ramen

Instead of broth, these jelly noodles sit on top of crushed ice and condensed milk, which makes it a nice refreshing dessert. Yumm!

Pink chocolate

No berries, flavors, or colors were added to create this new type of chocolate. Made with Ruby cocoa beans, it is not bitter, milky, or sweet but a fusion of berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

Wine stopper

No, this is not what you thought. This is a wine stopper. You can buy a box of these and make a poker face while sealing your wine bottle with this stopper instead of traditional cork. And, please, never try to use it as...well, you know.

Ring-pull coconut

Thanks to this unbelievably easy solution, you can now open a coconut just like a can of Coke...except for the fact that coconut water is hundreds of times healthier than any soda.

Not just burgers

This Australian bar creates rainbow burgers inspired by Willy Wonka, space burgers for May the 4th, and bright green burgers for St. Patrick's Day.

Blue burgers called Mutant Burgers were on a special menu in this British restaurant.

Blue wine

Looks fancy, tastes like normal wine. This drink is made with classic red and white grapes with 2 organic pigments: indigo and anthocyanin. If the fact that indigo is also used to dye jeans doesn't bother you, then there is one question left for you: which food will it go with? The blue mutant burger or the pink chocolate?

Transparent coffee

Well, this is coffee that looks just like water. It is made with Arabica beans, and it doesn't stain your teeth or clothes. But it doesn't look half as hipsterish as the classic Starbucks espresso.

Food covers

These food covers look like clothes for your food. They are made of silicone, free from nasty chemicals, reusable, and brightly colored. And you don't have to waste tons of food wrap trying to save half an avocado.

Raindrop cakes

These amazing desserts are from Japan, and they look like huge drops of water. They have barely any taste but look really good.

3D-printed candy

Craving some candy? Just choose from chocolate, vanilla, mint, or various fruit flavors, press the button, and print it. It's like a magician in your kitchen.

If none of these made you drool, we can only be jealous of your willpower. It turns out that even junk food can be a masterpiece when it is created by a real artist. Tell us in the comments what inspires you when you are cooking. What is the craziest "hi-tech" food you've ever tried?

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