11 Foods to Keep You Full for Longer

Everybody knows that it's best to have 3-5 meals a day, divided into small portions. But thanks to tight schedules, business trips, and other circumstances, few of us can follow this advice.

We at Bright Side tried these foods, and we can assure you that they do help you feel full for longer. Eat any of these for breakfast, and get ready to conquer the world.

Pesto pasta

It's not very common to have pasta for breakfast, but it can actually save your busy day. Whole wheat pasta is a great slow-digesting carb, so it can give you energy until late at night. Cheese and pine nuts, the two main ingredients of pesto sauce, only strengthen the effect.


No wonder falafel has become one of the most popular foods among vegetarians. Deep-fried chickpea balls supply proteins that make you feel more satiated. You just can't say "no" to this yummy combination of healthy flatbread, juicy vegetables, and spicy sauce!


We've decided to include this one not because of the potato itself but because of its peel. It contains the recommended daily intake of polysaccharides, zinc, iron, and magnesium. However, a baked potato is considered a heavy dish, so don't eat it too often.


Good news for all those with a sweet tooth! Some types of desserts can help you control hunger for longer. A brownie, for example, gives you a feeling of satiety for a long time. Thank the stearic acid in dark chocolate for that.

Fresh raspberry desserts

Any raspberry dessert can keep you full for at least 5-6 hours. Raspberries are truly magical berries. Thanks to their high fiber content, raspberries give a feeling of fullness, and vitamin C supports the protein synthesis responsible for fat burning.


Another food product that helps you cope with hunger and lose extra inches around your waist at the same time. Seaweed contains dietary fiber that slows digestion and thus makes you feel satiated. Use as an independent dish or in combination with Japanese sushi rolls.


Scientists have recently found evidence that popcorn is actually good for your health. This low-calorie snack contains a lot of anticarcinogens and reduces hunger for longer. Now you can eat all the popcorn you like at the movies. Better still, go to the movies more often. What a great eating habit to adopt!

Goat cheese sandwiches

Soft cheese contains a lot of linoleic acid that brings a quick and prolonged feeling of fullness. Goat cheese also contains a minimum amount of salt, which helps avoid dehydration. In combination with a slice of bread, this food product turns into a yummy and healthy snack.

Chili sauce

It's worth mentioning that any hot spices added to your dish will help curb your appetite. The famous chili pepper is an absolute record holder: not only does it help to reduce hunger but it also burns fat. So the hotter, the better. Just don't forget to drink water.

Pine nuts

A tiny pine nut contains amino acids, carbohydrates, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine, and vitamins A, E, and K. If after having breakfast you're still afraid that hunger will come back soon, just take some pine nuts with you. A handful of nuts will help you forget about food for a couple of hours.

Bonus! Strong black coffee

A cup of coffee will perfectly complete any of the above-mentioned foods. Black coffee without sugar and milk contains antioxidants that prevent food cravings. Try adding cinnamon, which is known as a strong appetite suppressant.

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