14 Healthy Products We’ve Been Eating Wrong Our Whole Lives

According to statistics, obesity risks have doubled among adults and tripled among children in the last 30 years. Even though most people try their best to stick to a healthy lifestyle, the healthy products they consume are eaten wrong most of the time. This article is going to show you the best way to eat popular healthy food.

Bright Side collected some simple recommendations that will help make healthy food even healthier.

1. Buckwheat

The reason: Buckwheat is rich in iron, while milk is rich in calcium. When consumed separately these 2 products contribute to many health benefits, but when consumed together they interfere with the absorption of each other.

2. Meat

The reason: Protein consumed in the evening overburdens the functions of the digestive system and leads to restless sleep.

3. New potatoes

The reason: The healthiest part of potatoes are the potassium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin C that are mainly contained in the peel. An important note: if potatoes turn green, it’s likely that solanine, a harmful toxin, has been stored in the peel. In this case, this peel should be removed.

4. Kiwi

The reason: We can get 3 times more fiber and antioxidants and defeat staphylococcus and E. coli just by consuming the peel of the kiwi.

5. Carrot

The reason: Boiled carrots have more beta-carotene and lutein that are good for eyesight and they’re also good for keeping your skin younger looking. Cooking them helps the body absorb them 5 times better than if they’re raw.

6. Eggplant

The reason: The concentration of potassium increases during the process of roasting, while the amount of nitrates and nitrites decreases.

7. Rice

The reason: Rice is full of carbs that are a source of calories. By eating rice in the daytime, you’ll give your body enough time to digest it and burn the gained calories.

8. Asparagus

The reason: If you fry asparagus for 5-7 minutes, you will preserve more vitamins and antioxidants than during steaming. By the way, the valuable source of vitamin C that is in asparagus dissolves in water when it’s steamed.

9. Cabbage

The reason: Carotene and antioxidants disappear in cabbage when it is boiled. But when fermenting this vegetable, the content of vitamin C increases and lactic acid, which helps the body to digest proteins, is formed.

10. Garlic

The reason: An extremely useful component of garlic called allicin is formed when 2 enzymes ’locked’ in different parts of garlic are mixed. When we chop a clove of garlic, these enzymes finally get their long-awaited freedom, while we get a fragrant ingredient that inhibits the development of cancer cells, is responsible for antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, and protects our immune system. But the process of ’unlocking’ and mixing takes some time, so it’s better to wait a little before adding garlic to a dish.

11. Bran

The reason: When phytic acid from bran gets mixed with calcium and magnesium from milk, an indigestible complex is formed and it prevents the body from absorbing useful elements.

12. Tomatoes

The reason: Even though we will lose some vitamin C when stewing tomatoes, we will be able to increase the content of lycopene. Not only does this pigment give tomatoes their red color but it is also the strongest antioxidant. It helps to prevent cardiovascular, oncological, and inflammatory diseases.

13. Pumpkin

The reason: The peel has more mineral elements, dietary fiber (fiber and pectin substances), and vitamin C.

14. Black tea

The reason: Scientists found out that caseins, which are proteins contained in milk, annul the healthy benefits of tea. Those properties of tea that positively affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system get the biggest strike.

Are you going to change the way you eat after reading this article? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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