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15 Culinary Experiments That Turned Into a Total Failure

Every day thousands of culinary experts post photos of food on the Internet, most of which look as if they were cooked in a restaurant. And every day thousands of people from all over the world try to reproduce these works of culinary art in their own kitchen.

Bright Side invites you to look at the photos of dishes demonstrating that not all of these attempts are successful. Far from all.

SpongeBob is no longer a cake.

Order a cake from us, they said. We know what we’re doing, they said.

Monsters, Inc.


Who said "Cthulhu?"

I’m an artist. I see it this way.

I called this masterpiece "Monday Morning."

Someone, please, talk my wife out of culinary contest participation.

Nothing special. Just a

I baked cookies. One huge crispy cookie.

At least I’ve got a perfect color match.

It was just the wrong variety of pears.

When you’re Santa Claus and you’re listening to the 100th child.

I knew I should’ve simply eaten these M&M’s.

Hulk, what have they done to you?

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