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15 Everyday Foods We’re Eating All Wrong

If your favorite foods become too messy or just too complicated to eat, the problem might not really be the food... the problem might be you. You see, even something as simple as eating food can still be done wrong. In fact, there are all kinds of ways that most people eat food that only overcomplicates things or makes a bigger mess.

Bright Side always looks for tips to make life easier on you, so let’s look at some fun “new” ways you’ve never thought of before for you to eat your favorite foods.

1. If your hard taco breaks while you’re eating it, there is a simple fix: wrap it with some leftover lettuce so that you don’t make a mess... better yet, wrap it with lettuce and fill it with tortilla chips.

2. Eat a burger upside down; the larger bun on top will absorb more juice than the bottom half, adding more flavor to your burger.

3. Poke a hole in your stack of pancakes. This way each of the layers gets their fair share of syrup.

4. Make ice cubes out of coffee instead of water to keep your iced coffee strong.

5. You’re supposed to fold out those fast food ketchup cups to spread out as much ketchup as possible.

6. If you’re sharing cookies, or just finishing them up, and want to enjoy them with milk, don’t dirty your cups... just use the container. If there are still cookies left over, just cut off the section you used for the milk.

7. Cut open your popcorn bag on one of its flat sides and you’ll save on messing up your hands and your bowls.

8. Use old pistachio shells to open up new pistachios.

9. Cut watermelon into rectangular pieces... it makes less of a mess!

10. Those tips on the sides of juice boxes had a purpose all along...

11. The best part is that once it’s locked in, you can pick up the can with the straw!

12. Fold your bacon like this so that you get some in every bite of your sandwich!

13. You don’t need a knife to eat pineapple... just break off the “pieces” one by one.

14. Use a spoon to spread jam or butter on toast, it spreads easier and doesn’t scratch up your bread.

15. Fill up the bottom of your ice cream cone with chocolate or a marshmallow. That way, there’s less of a mess.

Have you ever thought outside the box about the way you eat something... only to learn that it made things easier or made the food taste better? Let us know!

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