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15 Ingenious Tricks That Will Change Your View of Food Forever

The Bright Side team is constantly amazed by people’s resourcefulness. Today we want to share with you some small but ingenious tricks that will change the way you eat certain foods.

1. Cook two pizzas at once

Before putting your pizzas in the oven, just cut them in half. You won’t have to cook them separately anymore.

2. Keep your ice cream soft

To prevent ice cream from hardening in the freezer, put it in a sealable plastic bag. Now no spoon will be bent because of a hard-as-a-rock dessert.

3. Eat leftover Nutella properly

Instead of throwing away an almost-empty jar with delicious chocolate spread leftovers, put some ice cream in. A cool dessert is ready!

4. Pour milk into an empty cookie packet section

If the cookie’s too large to fit in a glass of milk, pour it in...a cookie packet!

5. Have ketchup with your fries on the go

Eating your fries with ketchup is easy if you’re sitting inside the restaurant. But when you’re in the car, it can be a bit more difficult. To enjoy your fries the way you like them simply fold back one side of the fry carton and pour your ketchup on.

6. Heat two food portions in the microwave at once

Put the second bowl on a mug or glass, heat, and enjoy.

7. Make cupcake sandwiches

Try cutting a cupcake in half and making a sandwich out of it. There will be less chance of getting frosting all over yourself, and it tastes so much better.

8. Keep your Subway sandwich from getting soggy

To prevent your Subway sandwich from accumulating too much sauce at one end, turn the bag horizontally. You need to tie off the top of the bag, and then make a hole in the side. This way your sandwich will be evenly distributed.

9. Dip cookies in milk using a fork

This trick works better with sandwich cookies, like Oreos.

10. Easily peel mangoes

All we need is a glass and some sleight of hand. You can see here how the real professionals do it.

11. Use a strainer to get rid of dust crumbs in cereals, muesli, and other instant breakfasts

Pour cereals into a strainer and sift to separate flakes from crumbs.

12. Dip cookies in milk and freeze

If you dip cookies in milk and put them in the freezer for several hours, you’ll get an incredibly delicious dessert.

13. Put an elastic band on a Chinese food box

Now the box’s top won’t prevent you from enjoying your favorite food.

14. Easily cope with a hard-to-open jar

If you cannot unscrew the lid, use a spoon or a can opener. Insert a spoon between the lid and the glass as shown in the picture. As soon as you let the air into the jar, it’ll open easily.

15. Bake eggs in their shells

Boiling is not the only way to cook eggs — you can also bake them. Baked eggs are considered to be more tender, though this way of cooking takes more time: from 25 to 30 minutes at 160°С (320°F).

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