15 photos of the world’s yummiest street foods

Three years ago, a young and beautiful woman named Melissa Hie was traveling around Europe, doing what she loves best - visiting interesting places and taking photos. She also was taking every opportunity to try various street foods, not forgetting to share her experiences via social networks. Melissa's posts and photos have garnered so much popularity that she decided to start her own blog, entitled 'Girl Eat World.' Nowadays, she uses her blog to tell her readers about appetizing discoveries she continues to make on her travels around the globe. 

Bright Side is happy to present some of the yummy and colorful photos that accompany Melissa's blogs! 

Hello Kitty Doughnut, Tokyo, Japan 

Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium 

Blue Coconut Ice Cream, Malta 

Sesame Bread Ring, Athens, Greece 

Hanami Dango Dessert, Kioto, Japan 

Chocolate Heart, Sydney, Australia 

Clementine, Yangon, Myanmar 

Gingerbread Man, London, United Kingdom 

Panda-Bun, Kobe, Japan 

Frozen Yogurt, Malta

Croissant, Paris, France 

Kebab, Ölüdeniz, Turkey 

Mamoul Cookies, Jordan 

Macarons, Zurich, Switzerland 

Gai Daan Jai Dessert, Hong Kong 

Preview photo credit girleatworld/instagram.com
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