15 Unexpected Food Comparisons That Can Help You Upgrade Your Diet

Scrambled eggs, chicken breasts, and fresh apples are undoubtedly good for your health. Though, it turns out that these, and many more other products, can be swapped with even better alternatives. Tofu, hummus, beans, and almond butter can benefit your diet way better because they are filled with useful elements. Also, they can save you money, since most of them are pretty cheap and available almost anywhere.

Bright Side always looks forward to helping our readers follow a healthy life style. This time we are ready to bring you this handy list of food alternatives. Don’t forget to save it!

1. A cheaper and healthier alternative to beef

2. Tofu is a very nutritious breakfast variant.

3. More of a snack for less calories.

Popcorn is a 100% whole grain snack filled with fiber, antioxidants, complex fats, and almost no calories. Combined with a couple of nuts, it makes the perfect bowl full of food.

4. Fruit snacks can easily be enhanced.

Just a small addition of almond butter to your fruits will allow you to stay full for longer, with no harm to your figure.

5. An alternative that is rich in fiber and protein.

6. Processed snacks can be replaced with their natural variants.

7. The right sweets, eaten in moderation, can be just as healthy.

8. White rice can be replaced with brown, which is better nutritionally.

9. Lentils will fill you with energy better than meat.

10. Hummus is a good alternative to some nuts, which can be too high in calories.

11. Not all the drinks sold as diet products actually benefit your diet.

12. This is how many calories hide in different types of bread.

13. Same taste, but less sugar and calories.

14. Regular or diet cornflakes — both have a lot of sugar in them.

15. Calorie reducing meat swaps

Which foods do you enjoy eating? Do you know of any interesting food substitutions? Let’s share our tips in the comment section!

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