17 Crazy Food Trends Giving Us a Feast for the Eyes

American scientists have figured out that we can "taste" food with our eyes. If this is really so, the following list of items will fill you up but good.

Here at Bright Side, we love our art and we love our food. And when these two come together they create a perfect "baby" complete with pleasure for our eyes and souls. Here are some Instagram and taste-worthy foods we won't be surprised to see trending in the near future.

Cake shot glasses

Looking to serve a cookie with milk or coffee in a different way? No problem, thanks to these cake shot glasses! The liquid doesn't escape out of the cups because they are lined with a thin chocolate coating on the inside.

Cake milkshakes

Getting outrageous with your dessert feels like the right thing to do, doesn't it? We have an amazing idea! Well, Black Tap Café in Dubai does. They serve milkshakes with literally anything on top: cake, cotton candy, hard candy, Sour Patch Kids, jelly - you name it, they probably have it.

Rainbow burgers

A little restaurant in Sydney can amuse you with their rainbow burgers made out to honor several celebrities. And judging by the number of die-hard fans, we know they are delicious too.

Ice cream tacos

Delicious and refreshing, we believe these colorful creations can give regular tacos a run for their money. They generally consist of rolled-up ice cream -Thailand style - and a sweet, thin wafer. But we can also use regular scoops of ice cream if we decide to recreate this at home. Don't forget the yummy toppings!

Cotton candy burrito...

Cotton candy, ice cream, and toppings - what is it about Mexican food that makes for such great Instagram photos?

... and animals

Aren't these cute? Well, that's Japanese fair food for you.

Spaghetti doughnuts

This is a creation that not only plays on the sweet/savory taste combo, but it also tests the typical shapes of food. Haven't you ever wished you could grab some pasta on-the-go? Now you can!

Glitter coffee

Don't be afraid of cutting your throat from the inside - this glitter is completely edible. And wow, it's so beautiful!

Cookie dough scoops

Which one of us has never dipped a finger into some cake batter or pinched out a piece of a cookie dough that their mom was preparing in the kitchen? Now we can have a full scoop of cookie dough and never feel nervous about it! Since the dough has no raw eggs in it, you can eat it without a care and get transported back to those fun childhood years.

Patterned bread

Originating in Thailand, patterned bread is a fun, cute snack to munch on - if you dare to take a bite out of such a masterpiece.

The brain hemorrhage shot

Moving into adult territory, this shot is called an "Alien brain hemorrhage". But we happen to think its pretty colors and shapes deserve a better name, don't you?

Super pizza

Whether it's rolled up in a cone, attached to crust or has oozing cheese - there is no bad way to serve pizza, only countless delicious ones!

Filled churros

Cinnamony, sugary, and filled with a variety of cream fillings? Count us in!

Rose ice cream

A scoop of ice cream on a hot day is amazing, but to amp it up a notch, try munching on some ice cream rose petals.

Sushi burgers

If you were ever torn between ordering a burger or sushi - the makers of sushi burgers are your saviors. And if anything, these things sure please the eyes.

Unicorn noodles

Unicorn everything tastes better, right? These amazing dishes sure prove this statement to be true.

Black anything

This treat goes from black and icy to completely delicious!

These burgers help you get your rock on!

It even makes a black risotto look good! Seems like black is the new black.

Avocado trend

Avocado today is like Elvis used to be - it's everywhere! In our burgers, in our waffles and even in our milkshakes. And we have nothing against it.

Which one of these treats made you drool? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments, we love having your input!

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