19 Tricks From Chefs That Will Simplify Your Life

19 Tricks From Chefs That Will Simplify Your Life

We often do habitual things the way we were once taught. We don't even think that things could be much easier if we use our imagination. As with anything, all we need for a breakthrough is to look at everything from a different angle.

Bright Side prepared for you 19 universal tips that will help you feel totally at ease in the kitchen.

1. How to save an oversalted soup

There are many ways to do it. For example, you can dip a piece of cheesecloth filled with a small amount of grain into the pot and boil. The cloth will absorb excess salt. You can also dip a tablespoon with a sugar cube into the pan. When the sugar begins to melt, remove the spoon and repeat the process with another cube.

2. How to make beef tender

If your goal is to make a good nontenderized steak, marinate the beef in mayonnaise before cooking to make it softer.

3. Maize

Leftover boiled maize can be used for salad. All you need to do is cut the grains off with a sharp knife.

4. To preserve the rich flavor of a dish

Heat the plates before serving a hot dish, and cool them before serving a cold dish. Such a small trick will help to preserve the rich taste and freshness of the dish.

5. How to easily separate an egg yolk

Instead of using brand-new kitchen accessories to separate yolks from whites, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle.

6. Milk and mashed potatoes

It's better not to add cold milk to mashed potatoes: this makes it gray. You'll get better mashed potatoes if you add boiling milk.

7. Tasty ice cubes

You can make a delicious seasoning if you chop greens, mix them with olive oil, and put them in ice molds. In addition, you can make delicious ice for drinks with lemon and orange slices, mint leaves, and pieces of berries.

8. Frozen wine

You can use the method described above to freeze some wine, and then use it in your culinary experiments.

9. If bread starts to go stale

There are many ways to prepare a dish from bread aside from standard sandwiches. One of them - a cheese bread - is an excellent quick dish for the whole family.

10. Preserve vegetables

To preserve vegetables for longer - for example, celery and broccoli - wrap them in foil.

11. Refresh baked foods

In order to give cold pizza a fresh flavor and taste, you can heat it up in a frying pan instead of the microwave.

12. How to prevent an avocado from browning

Avocados won't go brown when cut if you sprinkle them with apple vinegar and store with sliced onions.

13. How to make any knife convenient for cutting

To ensure the knife handle doesn't slip when cutting, simply fasten several rubber bands along its entire length.

14. A replacement for mayo

If you suddenly run out of mayonnaise but there's sour cream in the fridge, then you can easily make a mayonnaise-like sauce: just mix sour cream with the yolk of a hard-boiled egg and a spoonful of mustard.

15. If a chopped onion wilts

Chopped onion will remain fresh if you put it on a plate sprinkled with salt. You can also wrap it with a food film or grease it with vegetable oil and put it in a container.

16. Get rid of smells on dishes

If dishes have preserved the smell of fish or onions, wash them with water and vinegar - the smell will disappear.

17. Coffee in a cezve

To make coffee grounds settle on the bottom of the cezve, add a teaspoon of cold water and wait for half a minute. Then pour the coffee into a cup.

18. Keep bread fresh

Bread will stay fresh much longer if you put a piece of apple in the breadbox.

19. Crispy potatoes

Fried potatoes will be delicious and crunchy if you first drain them with a paper towel or put them in the microwave for a while and only then fry.

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