23 Gadgets That Should Be in Every Kitchen

According to one research project, the average woman spends 1,117 days of her life in the kitchen. That's more than 3 years of your life taken up by cooking. To make this time more enjoyable for women and men, engineers and designers constantly replenish kitchens with new items and gadgets.

Bright Side collected 23 cool kitchen utensils that anyone who loves to cook will want to buy.

23. Pea sheller

This device helps to shell peas quickly and easily. All you need to do is put the pea pod between the rolls and turn the handle. There is a special reservoir for collecting the peas on the other side.

22. Folding colander

Made with several stainless steel sheets, the Armadillo Colander lets you strain, squeeze, and even steam food easily. Its most significant feature is its foldability, which makes it easy to store and allows you to use it outdoors as well.

21. Corn cob stripper

This device helps you to remove the corn from a cob with only one move. All you need to do is twist or push the device along the cob, and voila! A pile of corn is waiting for you.

20. Spice pen

With the help of CinniBird, you can draw or write anything anywhere. Sugar, pepper, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and many other products can be used as ink.

19. Portable kitchen hood

This stylish hood is suggested for use in small kitchens where it is not possible to install a traditional hood.

18. 3-in-1 breakfast station

With this device, you can prepare a full breakfast, which includes scrambled eggs, toast, fried sausages, and coffee. After breakfast, you will even be able to bake something. Hence this gadget replaces several kitchen utensils.

17. Ultrasound thermometer

This gadget uses ultrasound technology to determine the temperature of the product to be prepared and the time of readiness. It transmits data to a smartphone via a Wi-Fi network.

16. Spiralizer

With the help of this simple device, you will be able to spiralize anything in mere seconds. Its simplicity and speed are astonishing!

15. Dash Clear View Toaster

This simple gadget has a very distinctive feature that other toasters don't have: through a transparent window, you can observe the bread toasting and take it out when it's browned to your liking.

14. Cherry pitter

This funny device helps to easily remove cherry pits.

13. Fruit and vegetable peeler

According to the manufacturer, this device will help you easily peel fruits and vegetables such as melons, cucumbers, and peppers.

12. Bicycle pizza cutter

With the help of this pizza cutter, it becomes easy to cut hot and yummy pizza easily and safely. Here is how it works.

11. Tomato corer

With the help of this device (which is a bit frightening at first glance!), you can easily remove tomato cores.

10. Pasta maker

This not-so-cheap gadget kneads the dough, determines its readiness, and helps create pasta of different types and lengths. Then all you need to do is boil and eat it.

9. Silicone lid lifters

These funny items will help to release extra steam while cooking and prevent pots from boiling over.

8. Vertical egg cooker

This unusual gadget makes omelets in the shape of rolls, which can then be put into hot dogs or used when preparing other dishes.

7. Grill brush

This innovative tool uses the power of steam to remove fat from the grill.

6. Potato ricer

The manufacturers of this kitchen utensil used for mashing potatoes were probably inspired by the garlic press when creating this device.

5. Portable butter churner

Whipping up butter will no longer be an uphill task if you have this magical butter churner.

4. Oiladdin Oil Pourer

With this funny bottle stopper, not only can you pour oil without missing a drop, you can also close the bottle tightly by simply pressing the top of the lamp.

3. Herb mill

This mill will mince any greens by simply twisting the handle. Moreover, there are special holes that help to separate the leaves of rosemary from the stem.

2. French fry cutter

You can easily cut a whole potato for cooking French fries in seconds with the help of this device.

1. Gardener Citrus Squeezer

This funny kitchen utensil helps to easily squeeze lemon juice and pour it onto a salad or any other dish right away.

Which of these gadgets would you like to use in your kitchen? Please let us know in the comments!

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