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Ten simple ideas that’ll help turn your pastries into masterpieces

Sometimes after a hard day’s work, we all like to spend a quiet evening at home. What can be more relaxing than sitting bundled up in a blanket, sipping hot tea and savoring a delicious pie you’ve just baked yourself? Still, cooking up a mouth-watering dessert is not enough. You also need to make it beautiful!

Bright Side offers a selection of brilliant ideas for making your pastry look extra special. These quick and easy solutions will have your nearest and dearest begging for more!

St. Valentine’s Day

To adorn your cake with these lovely hearts, you’ll need cherry, raspberry or strawberry syrup; a medical syringe (without a needle) and a toothpick. Fill the syringe with syrup and use it to paint lots of small circles on the upper surface of the cake, arranging them in a concentric spiral. After that, drag the toothpick across the surface in one spiral motion (from center outwards), so that it’s tip passes through the middle of each circle.

Adorable owlies

Even novice cooks will be up to this task:

Your kids will be hooting with joy!

Flower meadow

To create this beauty, you’ll just need a few baking molds.

Magical tree

For those who love the fall!

Stylish cakes

Even if it rains outside, these tasty creations will bring sunshine to your home!

Decorating the rim of your cake with "autumn leaves"

This decoration is easy to make!

Use a baking mold to cut dough into leaf shapes. Put an egg yolk and a few drops of various food colorings on a plate and stir all of it together. Take a brush and coat the "leaves" with the resulting multi-colored mix. Place the ornaments along the rim of your cake, having previously sprinkled it with water.

Dough circles

Another quick way to decorate your cake’s rim is with these easy-to-make dough circles.

Capturing a summer mood

Arm yourself with baking molds and let’s get creative!

For those you really love

Use heart-shaped molds to create these wonderful ornaments.

Win your man's heart with your baking skills!

Starry cake

Quick, simple and tasty!

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