10 Smart Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Every year, more and more amazing and incredibly useful devices, which can make our life easier and save a lot of time, are launched to the market.

It's about such inventions that Bright Side will tell you today.

A sonogram belt for pregnant women

The electronic PreVue device with flexible screen is attached to a baby bump with the help of a soft bandage and allows you to watch your baby inside you. Parents-to-be will be able to watch their babies grow, sleep, move, and react to various sounds in real time even before their birth.

A projecting bracelet

The Cicret company offers you a bracelet that turns your life into a tablet. It has a mini-projector and sensors, and the smartphone screen is projected right onto your arm. You can scroll and perform other actions on your skin.

A flat iron that lightens hair

Now it's even easier to become a tempting blonde. American brand Pravana has a hair straightener that lightens your hair in several minutes. And, most importantly, it's safer than the usual hair dyes.

Touch-Hear tactile dictionary

Scientists at the National University of Singapore created the Touch-Hear text recognition dictionary. It consists of 2 parts: a small sensor attached to your finger pads and a speaker attached to your ear. As soon as you touch a word printed in a book with the scanner, you'll hear its meaning. At the same time, the device doesn't bother other people at all: only you can hear it.

A brain activity stimulator

Thync is an ingenious device that uses electrical impulses to help you relieve stress, relax after a hard day, or, on the contrary, invigorate. The device has various modes: "Motivation," "Deep Relax," "Zen," "Deep Sleep," and even "Bliss," feeling more like a light drunkenness.

An extractor pump kit

If you were bitten by a snake and cannot go to the hospital immediately, this gadget can save your life. It's also useful after a bee, wasp, mosquito, or spider bite. The pump will remove at least a part of a poison and will decrease the possibility of serious poisoning.

Neutrogena Light Therapy mask

This wonderful mask will spare you from directly applying masks onto your face. It has LED lights inside: blue to fight bacteria and red to reduce inflammation. It's recommended to put the mask on every day for a month for at least 10 minutes each time.

Stop Insomnia mask

The manufacturers of this device promise to solve the problems of those who toss and turn, are unable to fall asleep, experience anxiety, think about problems, and are distracted by external stimuli. LEDs in the mask give the glowing light that will resemble sunset rays when going to sleep and look like a soft blue glow when waking up.

A tile you can call

Anyone who has ever lost the keys to their apartment has probably thought it was a pity they couldn't call to find them. Now there's a tile that makes it easy to find the keys: you can call it from your smartphone. You can attach it to anything, whether it's a dog collar, a backpack, or even a TV remote.

A smart bra that diagnoses breast cancer in the early stages

A young Mexican man was inspired to create a "smart" bra by his own mother, who almost lost her life because of an incorrect diagnosis. EVA is equipped with sensors that monitor the temperature and weight of the breasts. Changes in these parameters indicate that a large amount of blood is flowing to the breasts, which means that the vessels "nourish" something else - possibly one of the types of cancer. The collected data is transferred to a special app, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or PC.

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