12 Inventions Created to Start Saving the World...Today

Science and humanity are evolving at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, Earth's resources are being used up very quickly as well. But green inventors want to prove that we can live on our planet and not destroy it. Let's take care of our planet!

Bright Side made a list of the best inventions that will help save the environment.

12. Skateboards from abandoned fishing nets

Chilean company BUREO was founded by 3 friends. They manufacture "Skateboards for Plastic-Free Oceans" from secondary raw materials: fishing nets collected near the Chilean coast. They also make sunglasses from fishing nets, cotton T-shirts, and other eco-friendly goods. In the first photo, we can see a man surrounded by plastic garbage caught from the sea. Let's think before throwing garbage into the water!

11. Sustainable shower curtain

This "green warrior" is an inflatable and sustainable shower curtain called Spiky. You have 4 minutes for washing, and then Spiky pushes you out. This prevents using too much water.

10. Solar cookers

With Solar Cookers International, you can cook using only the sun. There are also similar low-budget solutions you can build yourself. No more propane!

9. Ocean cleaner

The Seabin Project was founded by 2 Australian surfers, and the V5 Seabin was designed to clean the oceans. Seabin collects the garbage and works like a filter for the water. It can be installed in the water of ports, marinas, or any other water.

8. Eco-friendly furniture

German company MANUFRACT® crafts furniture from broken pieces of wood, using an eco-resin to fix the final shape.

Now there are a lot of handcrafters creating similar chairs and tables. They heal the wood and present us with really stylish and unusual accessories.

7. Low-energy home

The Ecocapsule is a low-energy compact house for 2 adults. It is powered by a wind turbine and rooftop solar panels, so you don't need to resupply or recharge.

6. Plastic/not plastic

Agar is not only food anymore. Agar plasticity is a project that explores agar as an alternative to synthetic plastics. It turns out that agar can be an eco-friendly packaging material.

5. Water-saving device

The Altered:Nozzle is a device that installs into your existing tap. It helps you consume 98% less water while you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

4. Organic waste recycling system

Homebiogas is a system for recycling food and other organic waste. In addition, it generates clean energy. Homebiogas needs only sunlight and food waste to produce 2 hours of gas.

3. Smart bag

PaqSule is a smart bag with a self-refreshing, deodorizing, and sanitizing system. Impressive, right? You can activate the special chemical-free Fresh Cycle by pushing a button on the bag or with your smartphone. With PaqSule, you can keep your bag and the sneakers or clothes inside it fresh and free of germs.

2. Water you can eat

Ooho is a water bottle created out of 100% plants and seaweed. It can be colored and flavored. No need for plastic water bottles anymore!

1. Smart trash bin

TetraBIN is a garbage can with an interactive surface that awards users with prize points for every item thrown in it. The whole internal surface of the tank is equipped with motion sensors. When garbage enters the bin, a chicken leg is displayed on the outer panel, which flies directly into the mouth of a hungry dog. The purpose of the development is to motivate people to throw garbage into trash bins.

We can save the planet together! Have you ever used these inventions? Tell us!

Preview photo credit Puff and Flock/Flickr
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