14 Cool Urban Designs That Brightened Citizens’ Lives

Living in a big city is always about constant rush and stress. That’s why designers try to create cozy rest areas and install different useful devices in these concrete jungles. Some of them resemble art objects and are displayed for just a short time, but others become an essential part of a city.

Bright Side has collected some examples of the most useful urban improvements: from street smartphone chargers to benches that can cheer us up. We bet you’d like to have some of these masterpieces in your city.

14. In Manhattan, there’s a hybrid of a payphone and a library.

American architect John Locke has created specific shelves that are attached to payphones and serve as free book markets.

13. Old fire hoses turned into hammocks

In Copenhagen, there are convenient hammocks for citizens that prove old fire hoses can have a second life.

12. A QR code in the asphalt that lets people look into the past.

In New York City, you can see the way streets looked in the 70s and 80s. You just have to stand near an arrow, scan the QR code, and you’ll see an image depicting the old city on your smartphone.

11. Benches that cheer us up.

These “social benches” were created by Danish designer Jeppe Hein. You can see them in different European cities. They encourage people to use their imagination and get closer to each other.

10. Road fences “wearing” clothing

The interesting habit from the people of Bat Yam to leave clothes on the street inspired Dutch designers and they’ve suggested people to exchange clothes on main thoroughfares.

9. In Amsterdam, there are pieces of street furniture made from plastic waste.

The New Raw Studio has launched a new project — Print Your City! — combining 3D printing and waste recycling. As a result, citizens have a chance to get some rest on some cool and unusual benches.

8. In Montreal, there are musical swings.

There are 21 seats and each of them produces its own sound. To create beautiful music, people have to put down their cellphones and communicate, trying to move at a certain pace.

7. Citizens can rent a chair.

You will find these chairs on the streets of Israel. People just pay a small deposit and get a chair that they can move to the shade or place it near a store and enjoy their coffee.

6. Brooklyn citizens turned a fence into a place to chat.

Thanks to social media sites, people of all different ages were involved in the construction of this fence. Once they were finished, they were so excited to see that this new art object had become one of the most popular places: there’s a board attached to the fence and everyone can leave a message on it. At night, this place is crowded with young people.

5. A pole that plays music for everyone who throws a cigarette away.

In London there are Fumo poles, interactive devices aimed at fighting against smoking. Each time someone throws a cigarette in it, it plays a cheerful melody and 56 led light bulbs create a light show.

4. In Detroit, people grow carrots and cabbage right in the city center.

Urban public gardens are getting more and more popular. One of the biggest gardens is located in Detroit: it supplies more than 2,000 people with fresh vegetables.

3. You can charge your phone right on the street.

Thanks to the Streetcharge project, New York City citizens don’t have to worry about charging their phones. If their device dies, they can use special charging poles.

2. In Copenhagen, there are unusual playgrounds.

Each playground created by Monstrum has its own plot. Kids are invited to explore a ship damaged during a battle, become rocket pilots, or defeat a giant octopus.

1. In Russia, citizens have a chance to construct a bench or a bike rack with their own 2 hands.

Russian designers have created separate details for street furniture that can be combined whatever way people want. These blocks can be turned into a round bench, a bike rack, or a place for a future flowerbed.

Bonus: A foldable cover system for your car

GazeBox introduces an absolutely new cover system for your car that you can use instead of a garage. No matter what the weather is, your car will always be protected.

Are there any interesting or unusual items in your city?

Preview photo credit gazebox.net
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