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14 Design Ideas That Make Us Want to Look Their Creators in the Eye and Ask, “What?”

Sometimes we wonder if designers don't use their sense of beauty or if they just like going crazy.

Here at Bright Side we are left with only one question after checking out these designs: "Why?!"

You should feel awkward pulling tissues out of this box.

This is my friend from a parallel universe.

This design literally smells.

What did the designer of this tea package want to say?

Seems like this guy didn't like the seaweed chips.

This mattress is a perfect newspaper stand.

Producing insect spray and cooking spray with one and the same package design – why not?

It seems like the designers of these packages don't like kids.

"Great balls, man."

This pillow is for the traveler who doesn't need any pillows.

A transparent water flask with a scale is for losers. Tough guys measure the level of water with the power of thought.

These dresses take the fashion industry to a whole new level.

The Stranger Things fans only want their ketchup like this:

Well, I guess this explains everything we need to know about design...

Which design failed to impress you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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