14 ingenious ways to replace standard wall posters

Sometimes we want to do everything within one moment. However, we might not have the strength or the capacity to make some radical changes at home. But a minimal effort and budget can add a fresh nuance to the space around us.

Bright Side found some simple ideas that may help to renovate your room and finally change those wall posters you’ve had up there for years!

Spring birds

It’s actually quite easy to make this beauty on your wall. Find some pebbles from your previous vacations, colors, glue, and a stick from the bush nearby. You may use this idea to decorate the whole wall or just one part of it.

Creativity boards

Simple cork boards will help you to revive the space in a child’s room or a study room. They are an ideal place for photos, souvenirs, and pictures from magazines. Everything will look beautiful here, and you’ll be able to transform it easily.

Let’s add some light

It’s not just a decoration...it also adds some light to your room! You can use special light tapes or Christmas lights to make this. Add some creativity by using the light tapes to decorate the wall with some sophisticated figures.

A bright panel for a boring wall

You don’t need much to create something like this. Grab a staple gun, colorful buttons, a frame from any art shop, and add your wish to transform a room. The result will definitely be great.


Learn the art of origami and decorate any wall in your house. These small paper items are perfect for design: it’s so easy to replace them and they look nice everywhere. You can secure them in place with the help of double-sided tape, glue, ribbons, and ropes. Don’t forget to ask your kids to help you.

A living picture

A living picture that is made of real plants and flowers will add some emotions to your room decoration. You can make it at home – simply buy everything you need in a local garden center. Alternatively, you may order a picture made by professionals.

Bright colors for your kitchen

A white kitchen wall may look much brighter if you hang a couple of wooden cutting boards on it. You can also paint or decorate them using decoupage techniques.

World time observation point

A variety of differently shaped and colored clocks can become a compositional center of a boring wall. A room will have a completely new look with just a couple of clocks that stylistically complement each other. You may also set all of them differently, based on the time in those cities or countries where your family members and friends live. This is a great idea for offices and workspaces.

Classic design in a modern interior

Classic ceiling decorations may change the appearance of a boring wall. They are perfect if you want to create geometrical figures or waves. You may use polyurethane (they are lighter) or gypsum decorations. You can also add some color to these elements or just highlight their texture.

The wall of emotions

Wall interior stickers are a nice and easy way to renovate any room. They can also be handmade: use self-adhesive sheets to create any figure.

Just like in a café

You can make an interior more interesting by using chalkboard paint on one of the walls. You will be able to write notes or paint on its surface. However, it’s safer to use more reliable methods of wall paintings in bathrooms. Still, you can hang a noteboard there.

A wall for needlework

It’s a great idea for those who embroider. A couple of needlework items on the wall will create a cozy atmosphere in your room.

Lightweight silk

Your favorite silk scarf can be a good alternative to a wall poster. You may hang it using a frame or put it under a piece of glass.

Living photos

It’s so easy to make one! Print out your favorite photo or poster and decorate it using paper flowers and glue. If you add real flowers, you will get a 3D image that will also smell like spring.

Preview photo credit (с) Daria Alexeeva 
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