15 Cool Items That Can Save the Day

New devices that promise to improve our lives appear on the market every day. For example, there is a TV set that scares mosquitos off, some adjustable height heels and even a toilet-cleaning robot!

Bright Side suggests we have a look at the latest innovations in design and technological development. They'll please anyone who really appreciates ease and comfort.

Toilet cleaning robot

Toilet cleaning is an extremely unpleasant task, but a necessary one none the less. Fortunately, in our modern times, there are robots for almost everything!

Scientists have created an electronic helper that can clean your bathroom. It's hardly larger than a toilet brush, but it can remove even the most stubborn stains. And the most important part of it all? You don't have to do anything! Just place the robot on the surface of the toilet that needs to be cleaned.

Shoes with adjustable height heels

You don't have to carry a spare pair of shoes in your purse anymore thanks to this invention because the height of this shoe's heels can be adjusted from 2 to 9 cm, depending on the wearer's unique situation. Its ergonomic material, from which the insole and heels are made, allows you to evenly distribute body weight, making the shoes more comfortable to wear.

The Tight Space Exercise Bicycle

If you've dreamt of a portable but effective training machine, pay attention to this exercise bicycle. It occupies as little space as a luggage bag and can be easily stored under a bed or in a wardrobe closet after a workout.

A pillow that can play music

This pillow with pockets for headphones will help you to get some rest or even take a nap during a lunch break. It's no surprise that this device was invented in Japan: people there believe there's nothing wrong with having a short nap, even at work.

Running shoes with a mechanical cushioning system

The soles of these running shoes are equipped with a special cushioning system that absorbs shock and helps to protect joints, especially when an athlete is running on hard surfaces. However, these unusual shoes are a good choice for people who prefer leisurely walks to jogging - there is a switch for walking and running regimens.

This unusual nylon spatula

It turns out that even such a simple and mundane thing like a cooking spatula can have a brand-new design. The manufacturer of this egg spatula claims that this device makes flipping and gripping of foods easier in comparison with an ordinary spatula.

Cabinet organizer for pots and pans

This cabinet organizer is a pull-out frame that can fit in almost every cabinet. It can be used for the storage of pots, pans, lids, and other items (such as handbags) of any size. The weight of the hanging items will not be a problem: the frame can withstand loads up to 100 lb.

Hug pillow

There's a great variety of travel pillows on the market and most of them look the same. It's hard to imagine that something new could be invented in this field, but it seems like Canadian designers have managed to do so. The flexible base of this pillow allows you to adjust it to almost every seated and sleeping position imaginable. Not to mention the fact that it looks adorable!

A device to deal with snoring

The developers of this product claim that it can detect unpleasant snoring sounds and generate a counter sound to block it. Most other anti-snoring devices look like huge uncomfortable masks, so the small size of this one is more appealing.

All-in-one umbrella and raincoat

Don't be confused by the unusual look of this umbrella: according to its reviews, the device is light, water-resistant, windproof, and you don't even have to hold it in your hands! Moreover, it's pocket-sized and won't occupy too much space in your bag.

Waterbed mattress

Nowadays you hardly can surprise anyone with a waterbed mattress, but the designers of this product believe that their water-mattress completely imitates the surface of an actual body of water. The bed adjusts to person's body weight and creates the illusion of the absence of gravity. Additionally, it's heated which is a nice bonus for the cold seasons during the year. Now you can enjoy the feeling of floating on water without ever getting wet!

A backpack with a hidden stool

Czech designers created a cool combination of a backpack with a chair that will come in handy for tourists of all ages, fishermen, mushroom pickers and walking enthusiasts alike. The backpack is quite spacious and useable: you can store up to 44 lb in it, including a laptop as there's a special pocket for it. It is also waterproof.

A TV set that scares mosquitos off

A famous Korean company released a TV set that not only provides high-quality visuals but that also scares mosquitos off! This is possible thanks to a small device that generates ultrasound waves that are harmless to humans, but deadly to mosquitos.

Moreover, you can purchase a smartphone with the same function for people who spend a lot of time outside and suffer from the presence of insects.

A device for brides

All brides probably faced the problem of having to go to the bathroom on their own - and if they were wearing a ball gown wedding dress, it proved to be quite the challenge. Many brides need the assistance of their girlfriends when going to the bathroom, posing a great inconvenience for both sides.

Nevertheless, designers found a way out of this mess and it's quite simple: a bride just puts on a transparent lower skirt under their gown, into which their skirt is put into an attached bag. Then it's tightened with a lace on the shoulder of the bride. Slots for the hands are provided, so no additional help is needed.

Mobile coding and marking printer

This portable device can print on packaging, clothing and other items - the manufacturer claims that it's suitable for all surfaces. The printing information is sent to the printer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can contain up to 1,500 texts no longer than 4 lines and are stored in the memory of this device.

Which device do you find to be the most fascinating? Share with us in the comments!

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